Sunday, April 17, 2011


Mysteries hidden in Thy Word, revealed now to my heart
Secrets unbeknownst afore; ‘tis knowledge You impart
A little here, a little there, precepts and lines unveil
Renowned men of Ancient days, yea, angels in rebel

Wisdom’s treasure buried deep, to those that will, shall find
Teach me, Lord, Thy truth to know; quicken, Thee, my mind
Discernment crieth out to man; God’s counsel to reveal
Remove the scales that blind the eyes that hide and doth conceal

The days are short until the end; Thy spirit beckons “HEAR!”
Awaken, thou, O, sleeping one, His coming draweth near
Heed His voice; I AM will come, and shall not tarry long
In but the twinkling of an eye, His chosen ones be gone

The trumpet of the Lord shall call in order each to go
Only them that bare His Name; the rest to suffer woe
Yea, Noah's days are likened to the end of time to come
Lift up thine eyes unto the cross, 'tis Jesus Christ the Son

Sons and daughters speak forth God's Truth herein these last days
Young men see, and old men dream His purpose and His ways
Pour out Thy spirit on me, dear Lord, to boldly thus proclaim
All that Thou wouldst have declared in Thy precious Holy Name

By: Marilyn Higgins; April 2010

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