Thursday, April 28, 2011

Away With Me......

It seems as of late, I am keenley aware
Of something anew, a change in the air
Anticipation and yearnings, e'en groanings within
'Tis a daily occurrence, o'er and again

My spirit's awakening, I feel it inside
Is it the Lord, preparing His bride?
I feel I can breathe it, O what can it be;
What is it I sense; what is happening to me?

Is it foolish to think it's God's voice that I hear,
Drawing me, telling me His coming is near?
Is it wrong, even vain to suppose that I know,
Heaven's gate is to open, and soon I will go?

Perhaps it is hope's perfect work in my heart
A longing desire from this world to depart
My quickening spirit though, cannot deny
'Tis Jesus who's calling; yes! He draweth nigh

Hush, soul; quiet, spirit; simply listen and pray
Occupy till He cometh; be still and obey
Dove's eyes watch, Lo I'll hear His own words when He comes
"Away with Me now, it is time, My Fair One"

By: Marilyn Higgins; May 2009

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