Wednesday, April 27, 2011


In stillness I can hear Him; midst throngs I'm made aware
He's ever present near me; ne'er a time He isn't there
Each season of my life, tho, lends a cross I've always known
When companion doth surround me, in truth I'm kept alone

It matters not my being, that joy should fill my soul
Or flood-tides o'er take me, with sorrow, pain, and woe
Tho love be round about me, with family and with friend
Alas, I'm but a pilgrim, sojourning till life's end

God purposed this; He knew t'was best, for me this way to take
I'm set apart; claimed by The King, 'tis all for Jesus sake
My path at times has lonely been, and often have I cried
And lo He whispers in my ear, 'tis all for thee, My bride

The Master of the universe He is, and yet He's chosen me
To reign with Him in Heaven's court, throughout eternity
I'll run the race before me set; with patience to endure
My life, my heart, my faith like gold, by fire is made pure

By: Marilyn Higgins; December 2009

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