Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Whole Counsel Of God

Parables and secrets; His mysteries now unveiled
Hidden truths uncovered, once considered tales
Revealed unto believers is "God's Counsel-Whole"
Discernment lend thine ear; hearken heart and soul

Beyond the types and shadows; lo, deeper than the sea
The Holy Spirit enlightens the Word of God to me
Yea, he with open ears to hear, alas, ope thine eyes
For now as such a time is this, God's beckons be ye wise

Christendom doth turn her head; proclaims, " 'Tis absurd
Such blasphemy is contrary to God's Holy Word"
Accuse me not, O Brethren dear, 'tis God holds my heart
Like Mary, at His feet I learn; choose I the best part

Narrow is the path to Heav'n; yea narrower e'en still
Is the path to God's 'whole' counsel; come whosoever will
As for me, I'll live and preach the gospel unashamed
Yea, as it was in Noah's day here-in t'will be the same

By: Marilyn Higgins; November 2010

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