Friday, November 19, 2010

The Dance of the Shulamite: The Beloved Bride of Solomon

Marilyn Higgins       The Song of Solomon is a very well-orchestrated book of prose with multiple scores, layers, and levels of understanding.  Some interpret it to be a simple, literal, love affair between a shepherd boy/king and his Shulamite bride.  Others describe it as a how-to manual on biblical love-making.  It is much more than that.  The Song of Solomon is a word of prophecy and the prophet Solomon is acting out a prophetic charade with his bride and the daughters of Jerusalem.  This little book, once hidden behind a veil, is now being revealed to those who have ears to hear.

We all have a dance in us.  That dance is an expression of God within us, complimenting His kingdom.  Unfortunately, many dance to the captivating sound of the prince and power of the air, while others are enslaved to the primal dance of their own carnality.  Some even become ensnared by the dance of religion, chained to legalistic maneuvers which keep them far from the heart of the Father.  But there are a few who actually hear the love call of the Beloved.  They are the ones who break out of the confines of this life and live a life of the kingdom here and now, and dance a prophetic dance of passionate love and tenacious obedience.  That is the dance of the Shulamite.”

This is a bridal dance of unparalleled devotion, depicted in the portrait of the lavish love and relationship between the Shulamite and her “Beloved” in the Song of Solomon. 

This dance proclaims who we are, what we believe and the unspoken passion of truth of what we now embrace. 

The dance of the Shulamite is one that is distinctly YOU, placed deep within your soul by God. It cannot be learned or choreographed, it is birthed.

It is for those who move past the veil of redemption and move into the realm of intimacy. And, it can only be found through a passion for Him for those that are called to be the bride. ~Doves Eyes~

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