Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ancient Book Of Enoch: Commentary by: J.R. Church of Prophecy In The News

See this commentary from well-known and respected author and pastor, J.R. Church of Prophecy In The News.  "Ancient Book Of Enoch" Part I can be viewed on pp 6 & 7 and 33 - 38 here in this magazine (be sure to click on 'full' screen on the bottom left hand corner for better viewing) This is just part 1 of 11. The commentary can be found in its entirety in The Prophecy In The News Magazines issues: Feb. 2009 - Dec. 2009.  You may contact them @  or call 800-475-1111 to order the back issues of the magazines as well as the 2009 Magazines 'Format Disc'

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