Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Testimony

T'was in a church as a child that I heard
The story of Jesus through God's Holy Word
I kept it a secret, t'was no sinner's prayer
I only knew that this 'Jesus' cared

I felt that I loved Him, though I was yet small
Held dear to a portrait on our living room wall
Out-stretched hands that were bleeding and brow I did kiss
Each night at bedtime, seldom to miss

While praying to God one evening in bed
The strangest of words then entered my head
How different and funny and certainly new
I whispered an answer, "I'll marry You"

Needless to say, along with this came
Guilt and confusion, especially shame
Not long after this, attending church stopped
The newly-found love I confessed was forgot

Until one day by the Spirit t'was led
My hungering soul, and Alas! I was fed!
My burden was lifted, no more could I hide
I knelt to King Jesus and humbly cried

T'was here that I learned of a race and a prize
A Bridegroom, a crown, what's this, a bride?
My mind raced back to re-live that dear night
To marry Christ; of course! It was right!

Those words, not my own; yes, I did hear it!
His words, "marry Me" wooed by the Spirit
Humbled and broken I cried, "Lord, I will"
Then peace like a river came, tender and still

My prayer unto God at that time went this way
"Father, from this truth, let me ne'er stray,
May this truth ever burn, ever dwell in my heart,
And from this path, may I never depart"

How faithful my God has been unto me
The mystery is now for my family to see
Together we run for the prize soon to win
My Savior, my Bridegroom; Ah yes, even Him!

By: Marilyn Higgins; November 2009

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