Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Mother's Love

Lovest thou these more than Me? These words ring in my ear
When e'er my world's consumed; He speaks, and lo, I hear
From You, dear God, these blessings come; I praise Thy holy Name
'Tis Thine own hand, that givest good; am I to suffer blame?

Too tightly I am holding, Lord? Too close to my heart cling?
The arrows Thou hast given me, such joy to my life bring
I've yet to know a love so deep, so true and O, so strong
Ah, sweet fulfillment to my soul ; to love them can't be wrong

Teach me, God, Thy ways to learn, 'tis hard for me to know
A vessel weak in need of Thee; direct my path to go
Thou formest me and knewest me before the earth and time
A steward of these precious gems; Thine to keep, not mine

Faithful Father art Thou to me; to caution wise indeed
Shepherd, guide me in this life, Your gentle warnings heed
I thank Thee for my children, Lord, a gift from Heav'n above
The tender way You hold me close; to Thee I give my love

By: Marilyn Higgins; January 2010

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