Thursday, October 28, 2010


This world is Thine and all therein; vast beauty to behold
A footstool ‘neath Thy Heavenly realm, with riches yet untold
‘Tis Thine to rule; Thine to give to lowly man and beast
A temporary dwelling place, until all time shall cease

I thank Thee, Father, for Thy gifts; my heart aburst with love
Thy goodness pours upon the earth, rains bounty from above
Nature shouts Thy glorious name from mountaintop to sea
Rocks cry out and songbirds sing their praises unto Thee

Thy gentle Holy Spirit doth bring comfort to remind
He with ears, O let him hear, redemption draweth nigh
All splendor of the earth shall pass; ‘tis null for to compare
From agony to ecstasy; to those who will, You’ll share

A Heavenly home forevermore; awaits the redeemed soul
With Jesus as the prize to be, press onward toward the goal
I’ll watch and pray and live each day, my eyes fixed on the crown
Before Thy throne, at Thy dear feet I’ll worship and bow down

By: Marilyn Higgins; August 2010

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